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Youth Academy

The Greatness Within Academy will provide participants with general knowledge of multi-cultural history/experiences, Social Emotional Learning Skills (SEL), and Adverse Childhood Experiences.


The objective of this program will be that participants will apply this information to their daily lives and be equipped with positive coping skills.

Healthy eating demonstration with each session; the youth will make and eat snack.

Sample Weeks

Session 1

  • Afro Latinos in History

  • SEL: Building Positive Coping Skills around Anxiety

Session 2

  • Famous African American with disabilities

  • SEL: Building Healthy Relationships

Session 3

  • History of relationships of African Americans and Native Americans

  • SEL: Preparing for the future

Session 4

  • Participate in Day of Inclusion event.

Session 5

  • Civil Rights Movement

  • SEL: Self-Identity

Session 6

  • Collaboration with other community organizations to celebrate Black History Month activities


Session 7

  • Women in History

  • SEL: Self Awareness

Session 8

  • Afro Asian history and relationship with African American community and Asian American community

  • SEL: Community Connections

Session 9

  • LGBTQ Contributions

  • End of the year celebration

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