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Program Overview

Community Now contracts with school districts to offer programs that supplement school services. More specifically, Community Now offers programming to help increase mental well being, promote positive coping skills, and self-care and improve positive interactions.

The Coaching for Cultural Success Program (CCS) is an evidence-based, trauma-informed care training and coaching program. The program is designed for both the educational sector and for businesses and organizations that care about the mental wellness and self-care of their leadership and stakeholders. The training and coaching are both provided by credentialed specialists in mental wellness fields.

Our participants say...

"My coach gave me some tools that I have implemented and have really helped my students"

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"Counselors come into meetings with solutions now"


  • Three 2-hour group trainings

  • Eight individual coaching sessions

  • Three confidential online surveys to measure participant progress

Coaching Topics

  • Readiness

  • Empathy

  • Growth and Rewards

  • Risk and Discomfort

  • Belonging

  • Engagement

  • Mindfulness

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Program Impact

Direct Impact


Cultural Awareness and Action

Educating All Students

Intermediate Impact

Teach Self Reflection

Faculty Growth Mindset

Indirect Impact

Positive School Climate

The goal of Community Now is simple: for Inland Empire educators to take the lead in building long-term infrastructure and support of foster and at-risk youth in their schools. The objectives we’ve set can be accomplished:

Objective 1: To provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for the professional development teacher training.

Objective 2: To provide professional development teacher training on how best to support African-American / Black foster youth in our schools through a trauma-informed lens.

Objective 3: To provide a fresh unbiased perspective on how to best advocate for the youth who look to educators for guidance.


This program is for participants that have successfully completed the CCS Program. Participants will gain additional skills in trauma-informed care which will enable them to communicate more effectively with their students on a day-to-day basis.

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